Become the service call expert

Boost customer satisfaction by performing the job right in the first go using intelligent scheduling, native mobile assistance, and remote asset monitoring.

Enhanced scheduling

Automatically enhance schedules, manage resources smartly at the time of escalations, boost first-time fix rates, and streamline the dispatch process for field service companies.

Empower your mobile workforce

Your mobile workforce gets real-time customer insights and supervision, can use barcode and RFID readers, and mobile apps to process work orders.

Profitable predictive services

Switch from break-fix repair model to never-fail service model with Microsoft IoT integration. Automate troubleshooting and remote fixes so that unnecessary technician dispatches can be avoided.

Optimized scheduling

Practice perfect timing by sending right resources to right place

Enhance your field service management. Choose flexible scheduling options to organize people as well as equipment and accommodate both customer service representative and dispatcher workflows, such as highly accurate appointment scheduling, fitting more appointments into a day.

  • Schedule your resources easily and manually using recommendations or automatically
  • Create a smarter workload and resource balance by identifying and organizing the existing field service resources by category
  • Check the work requirements and pick the technician possessing matching skill sets
  • Consider geography, availability, truck inventory, regulatory needs, customer choices and service contract
Field Service Client Service
Contract Management CRM

Contract management

Optimize your customer satisfaction and account for all service revenue

Easily manage and maintain the accuracy of service contracts and installed products across customers and locations with field service management software. Drive faster, more exact billing with better visibility into contract information like terms etc. and help field service teams spot new sales opportunities to drive extra revenue.

  • Rely on recurring service templates to pull in work schedules and pricing for simplified quoting process
  • Deal with recurring service appointments using flexible billing options
  • Proactively engage leads from contact to contract and grow revenue

Inventory management

Pick the right resource for every call

Easily manage inventory information, updates, stock history across different mobile and fixed locations, like depots, warehouse and trucks. Maintain the accuracy of your inventory using real-time updates, and better track your service stock for lesser write-offs, and make better predictions.

  • Up your first-time fix rates through accurate allocation of parts
  • Access inventory information for every part of the transaction, be it return material authorizations, stock adjustments, or stock transfer
  • Track service stock with accuracy at mobile or fixed locations to see lesser write-offs
  • Accurately forecast the requirements of materials
Inventory Management
Mobile Productivity

Mobile productivity

Enhance field processes and make technicians more productive

Give native mobile applications offering real-time and offline data. Technicians can view customer information and take guidance they need instantly, no matter which device they use.

  • Empower your technicians by giving them a holistic view of customer and case history.
  • Give step-by-step guidance to technicians for better work consistency and first-time fix rates.
  • Equip your mobile workers with multiday calendar of work order details that they can change and manage dynamically.
  • Unify data by linking work orders to customer and case history, product configuration installations, pricing and parts information.

Linked Field Service

Dispatch technicians only when necessary, and cut expenses

Find, troubleshoot, and solve errors remotely using Internet of Things connected devices. Detect issues even before your customers notice them and try solving them remotely so your technicians don’t need to visit personally.

  • Easy to configure and link both new and existing customer assets.
  • Cut the number of repair appointments by dispatching technicians only when necessary.
  • Detect the underperforming products by using field service software to see combined device data
  • Carry-out just-in-time preventative maintenance by understanding the exact consumption
Linked Field Service
Customer Communications

Customer Communications

Involve your customers in every interaction

Give an end-to-end customer-centric experience. Dynamics 365 helps field service companies keep customers informed, communicate better, and it promises positive interactions at every step of the service chain.

  • Give your customers the access to view upcoming service appointments and see completed and open cases via a customer portal
  • Keep your customers informed about the real-time location of technicians, along with arrival times, photo, and vehicle details
  • Give your customers information about every step with automated text messages and phone calls
  • Escalate customer feedback for follow up automatically when required

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