Microsoft SharePoint Services

Microsoft SharePoint Services

Microsoft SharePoint makes sharing, synchronization, communication, cooperation and dissemination of content and information within your organization easy. De Facto is known for delivering best SharePoint solutions to create intranet, extranet and internet sites. Our team of SharePoint specialists has successfully implemented over 200 customer implementations for companies ranging from small business to Fortune 100 companies across diverse industries.

SharePoint Planning

De Facto offers planning and architecture content to develop conceptual, logical, and physical designs according to Microsoft’s best practices for configuring SharePoint 2016 features, servers, and topologies. Our system designs are based on customer scenarios and are highly reliable, consistently available, and scalable. Our team of subject matter experts help your organization understand your desired features, functionality, business requirements and goals and propose a complete solution.

SharePoint Planning

Resources on how to plan for SharePoint 2016

Technical Diagrams for SharePoint 2016

Planning Worksheets for SharePoint 2016

Video demos and training for SharePoint 2016

Planning for SharePoint 2016 – based on customer scenarios

Our Planning for solutions include:


  • Plan user profiles and identities.
  • Plan for social computing and collaboration.
  • Plan document management.
  • Plan digital asset libraries.
  • Plan records management.
  • Plan eDiscovery.
  • Plan web content management.
  • Plan search– Creating a well-designed plan to install and configure search in SharePoint 2016
  • Plan managed metadata.
  • Plan for business intelligence to analyze data.
  • Plan for Business Connectivity Services to access external data in SharePoint Server 2016.
  • Plan for Access Services to use Access Services in SharePoint Server 2016 to share solutions on the web.
  • Plan for mobile devices.

  • Fundamental site planning- site collections, sites and site templates.
  • Plan email integration.
  • Getting started with SharePoint Server 2016 workflow.
  • Plan for administrative and service accounts to use to manage SharePoint 2016 deployment scenarios and services.
Planning for server farm architecture
  • Plan for high availability and disaster recovery for SharePoint 2016.

Our Planning for server farm architecture includes:

  • Identify System requirements for SharePoint 2016 – Find information about hardware requirements, software requirements, browser support, and IP support for SharePoint 2016.
  • Plan logical architectures for SharePoint 2016 deployment. Plan for on-premises or hosted virtualization in SharePoint 2016.
  • Plan authentication in SharePoint 2016 –user authentication, server-to-server authentication, and app authentication in SharePoint 2016.
  • Permissions planning for sites and content in SharePoint 2016.
  • Plan for backup and recovery in SharePoint 2016.
  • Plan for monitoring in SharePoint 2016.
  • Security planning for SharePoint 2016 farms.

SharePoint Deployment

After planning the solution, a SharePoint 2016 farm is created to host the solution. The first step is to install SharePoint 2016 and create the farm that is required for the solution. The process of preparing the environment consists of the following phases:

Prepare the servers

De Facto gets the servers ready to host the product which includes the supporting servers and the servers that will have SharePoint 2016 installed. A database server – with required version of SQL server; an application server with front-end Web servers and a domain controller are all configured to support and host a farm.

Create the farm

After planning the solution, a SharePoint 2016 farm is created to host the solution. The first step is to install SharePoint 2016 and create the farm that is required for the solution. The process of preparing the environment consists of the following phases:

SharePoint Deployment

Configure settings, services, solutions, and sites

De Facto offers to prepare the farm to host your site content by completing – Configure services, configure global settings and create and populate the sites.

SharePoint Migration

SharePoint Migration

Demand for migration to Microsoft SharePoint continues to grow as the platform rapidly becomes the standard for organizations seeking a centralized knowledge repository and collaborative workspace. Having a sound understanding of the SharePoint object model and database is vital for successful system migration from your legacy systems. De facto Infotech’s SharePoint Migration services cover the entire migration cycle from planning, preparation to post migration support. Our established migration techniques are highly effective in providing a seamless cost effective delivery without causing any business disruption and end-user confusion. Questionnaire and migration approach diagram

SharePoint Version Upgrade

De Facto helps SharePoint Upgrade from WSS, SharePoint 2007 to Microsoft SharePoint 2010 and 2016. We follow the following process to ensure a flawless upgrade:
  • Plan for the upgrade approach for your 2007 installation and servers
  • Re-design and implement security management and infrastructure needs wherever needed
  • Test and validate the upgrade
  • Migrate applications, content and databases
  • Follow all the post upgrade best practices
  • Leverage specific 2010 features for new portals and sites

Overview of the upgrade process to SharePoint 2016

Upgrade Worksheet for SharePoint 2016

SharePoint Development

SharePoint Development

SharePoint 2016 is a versatile development platform for building apps and solutions with varying scopes that address a wide range of needs. You can build server-side farm solutions that extend core SharePoint capabilities. SharePoint 2016 offers a new flexible development model—you can use SharePoint 2016 to create apps for SharePoint that take advantage of standard web technologies, such as JavaScript, OAuth, and OData. And SharePoint 2016 provides you with functionality to interact with SharePoint resources and a wide range of hosting options. The new app for SharePoint development model gives you the ability to build apps that take advantage of SharePoint capabilities and that run in the cloud instead of on your SharePoint farm.

This flexible development model, along with the integration of standard web technologies, makes SharePoint development work more like other kinds of web development that you may already be doing. De Facto’s developed applications are categorized into the following groups based on the tools used to create them, the programming models used to develop them, the methods by which they are packaged and deployed, the methods by which they are marketed, and the devices on which they run.

  • Apps for SharePoint
  • SharePoint publishing sites
  • SharePoint farm solutions
  • Mobile apps for SharePoint
  • Reusable components for SharePoint
  • SharePoint Framework

SharePoint Operations and Maintenance

De Facto's capable team helps you operate and maintain servers, server farms, sites and solutions in a SharePoint deployment.
  • Administer sites and site collections.
  • Administer mobile devices to improve productivity, usability.
  • Administer the User Profile service.
  • Administer search to improve search results and to manage crawling, the search schema and the search topology.
  • Administer business intelligence to configure and maintain business intelligence tools in SharePoint Server 2016.
  • Administer Access Services to configure and administer Access Services in SharePoint Server 2016.
  • Share service applications across farms in SharePoint 2016​​​​​​​​.
SharePoint Operations and Maintenance

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