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What is a CRM Portal?

A CRM portal is an extension to CRM system, the perfect way to make information accessible to organizations, enabling them to extend business processes to the web, widen their reach, and cut expenses across sales, service, and marketing.

Enable your customers, partners and employees to work with and access information from the company efficiently, anywhere, anytime.

Why use CRM Portals for your organization?

  • Optimize customer engagement
  • Drive productivity increases by giving quick access to information
  • Get input from external parties through your CRM for Dynamics 365 portal
  • Keep customers happy by giving them instant access to information they need
  • Better customer/partner communication
  • Earn business-relationships for life

Different portals demand different functionality. Don’t worry, De Facto Infotech can help you deploy portals that go perfectly with your business needs. There are two kinds of CRM portals we can help you with Adxstudio Portals v7.x and Microsoft CRM Portals v8.x.

Adxstudio Portals

Adxstudio Portals v7.x

The Adxstudio Portal v7.x solution is mainly composed of two parts:  Dynamics CRM Solution(s) and a Visual Studio .NET web application project. Adxstudio Portal is similar to a ‘portal kit’ and isn’t just a packaged application, thus it allows you to offer a tailored portal solution.

Adxstudio provides a managed installer solution that you can import as you would do with any other CRM extension. This installer allows you to choose configuration options based on the types of portals you need to build and also makes it easy to get updates and new versions. De Facto Infotech can help you with every need related to Adxstudio portals.

Microsoft CRM Portals v8.x

Before Microsoft acquired Adxstudio, Adxstudio portals were up to versions 7. After acquiring Adx code, Microsoft rebranded it to a portal, from Microsoft. This portal become the SaaS Dynamics Portal from Microsoft which you get in your Dynamics 365 Enterprise subscription. This portal is known by various names, including Microsoft Dynamics Portals, Microsoft Portals for Dynamics 365 and many more.

The dynamics portal is only available in the cloud (SaaS) and is not available for on-premise. De Facto Infotech expertise in Microsoft CRM portals and can help you get one, seamlessly.

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